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An online magazine about the black culture of lusophony

BANTUMEN is a digital platform, which seeks to reflect the black culture of the global Portuguese speaking community, in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Brasil and in the Diaspora.

Today, as the world is waking up to inclusivity, we are an established media project, with experience and a track record in representing the underrepresented black experience with authenticity.

Our universe of more then 300 thousand followers and readers know our content is coming from empowered black professionals, and they trust our voice, our choices, our values. Companies, looking for partnerships and guidance navigating the diversity space TRUST our leadership and experience. This trust has allowed us to establish a couple of revenue streams: content marketing, advertising, affiliate programs and sponsored content.

Recently, our strategic plan led to our expansion into artist management, Social Media Management, Multimedia Content Creation, Music Distribution, avenues that make sense given our knowledge of the creative and artistic space and its relation to social media.

Complementary to that we launched BANTUSTORE, an e-commerce venture that sells products, allowing people to help underrepresented talent to capitalize on itself.Our teams include journalists, content creators, and entrepreneurs, some that also wear executive hats that brought this project this far and have a vision of what it could be.

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Um espaço plural, onde experimentamos o  potencial da angolanidade.

Toda a actualidade sobre Comunicação, Publicidade, Empreendedorismo e o Impacto das marcas da Lusofonia.